Magnetic Customer Xperiences

Customer Xperience Management is the active orchestration of the people, technology and the processes in a business - from end to end.

Customer Xperience takes into account that “the tangible aspects of a product or service have far less influence on consumer preference than the subconscious sensory and emotional elements derived from the total experience” (Lewis P Carbone ‘Clued In’.) I’ve paraphrased that to “Give people an experience they can’t get anywhere else and they won’t go anywhere else”

“Today, the number of companies that understand how to stage impressive customer xperiences are few. Tomorrow, those that don’t get it right will struggle.” (ATG Report)

The strategic shift of Customer Xperience is to move the focus from the internal business processes and the way customers are managed to “taking the customers’ perspective; better understanding how they interact with the business at every touch point; and using that understanding of the customers full context to improve the value of every customer interaction, whether it’s an outbound marketing, a transaction or a request for service or support.”(ATG Report). And it goes further than that. At CXM we add that improving the customers experience has a purpose. That purpose is to meet the business goals.

Why bother?
The simple answer is that it’s good business. When your customers have a magnetic customer xperience you have an opportunity for the following:
1. Maximising the wallet share for what you sell.
2. Increase the number of your products per customer.
3. Increase the acquisition of new customers.
4. Minimising customer churn.
5. Increasing the number of customers who are advocates for your business.
6. The more customers who are advocates the lower your marketing costs.

The smart answer is that it’s the way you and I like to be treated. We want to feel good about the way we are looked after and the xperiences we have with those with whom we do business. That’s why we coined the phrase Magnetic Customer Xperiences. Magnetic Xperiences attract customers to a business. They create people who brag about doing business where they do. They create situations where customers bring others back to repeat the Xperiences with them.

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